iPhone Trick

iPhone Shooting Trick

Friends will say “Wow. How’d you do that?” You will modestly say, “Creative genius. What can I say?”

Open the photo app. Select Portrait Mode. Then select Stage Light. The background can be blacked out in color (Stage Light), black and white (Stage Light Mono), or white background (High-Key Light Mono).

Friends will say, “Hmmm, must have been shot in a high-end expensive downtown photo studio.”



Want to get the best seats at the Super Bowl next Sunday? Fine. You will pay $78,000. Let that sink in. We have 760 billionaires in this country along with 653,104 people living in tents under freeways without toilets or running water.

What the goddamn hell is wrong with our economy? This is not the fabled “free market economy,” or “the invisible hand.” All this is because of choices we make.

As my republican father would say (eyes and lips narrowing): “Now just why the hell is that MY problem? They’re drug addicts who made bad decisions in life. Who cares?” Our MAGA friends would agree: “Hooray for the billionaires. They earned it in the greatest country in the history of the world. Wish I could be one of the those billionaires. Let’s cut their taxes and good stuff will trickle down to us.”

Lincoln is Spinning in His Grave

In the Gettysburg Address, Abe Lincoln portrayed  that the Civil War would guarantee the survival of the “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Today with our economy characterized by the worse income inequality since the Great Depression, the promise is more likely: “the government of the wealthy, by the wealthy, for the wealthy.”

This pisses people off. People do not want their lives controlled by the Ivy League, east coast, Wall Street elites. No wonder Trump is leading Biden. When people feel belittled (deplorables) and powerless, they will elect a fascist.

Strap in. 2024 is going to be a wild ride.

5 thoughts on “iPhone Trick

  1. Saint Hal says:

    Thanks for the iPhone camera trick – very cool. There are so many great uses of the iPhone.
    Your other note about the price of a Super Bowl ticket, billionaires, and the homeless, calls to mind Vicent Hallinan, of years gone by commenting on the greed propelling the Prop 13 years. It applies now,, “Fuck you Jack, I got mine and I want more.”. As Ramos would say, “It’s all ‘boool’ shit”. Sorry for the colorful language.

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