Good-bye to a Hero

Daniel Ellsberg

We lost a hero this week. Daniel Ellsberg risked it all to try to stop the Vietnam war and end the killing. Thanks to a connection made by Susan Page, I had a chance to interview the great man at his home in El Cerrito in 2018. You can click on the image below or click here to view that blog post.

Daniel Ellsberg

To me, the saddest part of the interview is his realization that he could have released the papers years earlier, and perhaps brought an end to the war and saved thousands of lives. He commented, “I wish I had put this information out in 1964. I think that could’ve helped to prevent the war. That is a very heavy load to bear for the rest of my life.”

Update on Eye Problem

Bad news and good news. Last blog I mentioned my diagnosis of BRVO, Brach Retinal Vain Occlusion. I got a shot in my left eyeball a month ago. I went in this week for a follow up. Now the diagnosis is the scarier, “wet macular degeneration.” The good news…with last month’s treatment, my left eyesight has improved. I could read the eye chart. I got another shot in the eye (not as bad as it sounds). Will be back in a month for another check up. 

Hmmm, guess my career as a fighter pilot is over. Bummer.  

It now becomes clearer to me why we old farts need to retire. With all this going on, can’t imagine traveling all over the country doing two or three live programs a week. 

Who Would You Like to Have Over for Dinner?

I made a list of living people I’d like to have dinner with: 

  • Rachel Maddow
  • Sam Harris
  • Gloria Steinem
  • Bill Mahr
  • David Brooks
  • Chris Brubeck
  • Peggy Noonan
  • Paul Krugman
  • Anna Eshoo
  • Bill Moyers
  • Arthur C. Brooks
  • Roseanne Cash
  • anybody featured in my new book, “A Lifetime of Photography and Stories, 1939 – 2023.”

If we magically expanded the list to include people who have died, I’d include all four of my grandparents.  

Who would be on your list?

Quote of the Week

“I say praying is good, but penicillin is better.

– Mel Brooks

Photo of the Week

1 thoughts on “Good-bye to a Hero

  1. Patricia T. Green says:

    There’ve been some nice tributes to him. How many of us would have had the courage to come out with the info when he did, let alone earlier???. His acknowledgements of the current WB’s like Edward Snowden etc. has been nice too. too.

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