A Brief Crack of Light and Wedding Photos

New book sample… 

 A Brief Crack of Light: A Lifetime of Photos and Stories 

From the Music Chapter

From the Politics Chapter

From the Religion Chapter

From the Bridges Chapter

 More Wedding Photos

Favorite Moment

Exchanging Vows

Mr. and Ms.

We haven’t lost a daughter, we’ve gained a son-in-law

The Wedding Party Dinner

8 thoughts on “A Brief Crack of Light and Wedding Photos

  1. Susan Page says:

    Oh the photos are totally heartwarming. Congratulations to everyone. What a happy, happy event. And excerpts from your superb book is a really good idea! You may know that Ellsberg has pancreatic cancer. He is enjoying life to the fullest while he can, maybe a few more weeks or months.

  2. John says:

    You’ll never loose your touch! In the 52 years I’ve known you, your energy, incite, and creativity has always amazed me!

  3. Michael Joyce says:

    The photo of the two of you with your daughter before the wedding, both delights, and warms my heart! There are moments in that day, that you will remember with a loving clarity and gratefulness like no other day. May the richest of blessings be on all of you!

  4. Lil Schaller says:

    Oh the joy of having a child; although there are ups and downs on that road of raising them, they bring unforgettable, unbelievable, incredible moments to our lives that fill our hearts to overflowing! And now you’ve added to your family, with so many more memories to be made that will further enrich your lives.

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