A Wedding and Changing Language

A Beautiful Backyard Wedding

On February 18, our daughter, Katy, married Nate Munger in a small ceremony in his grandfather’s backyard in Los Angeles. The “Officiant” was our dear friend Melinda Henning. Here are a few iPhone photos from the glorious event. None of these are of the actual ceremony. Those photos, taken by a pro, will not be ready for awhile.

The rehearsal

The rehearsal dinner

Katy’s New Family

“The Dress”

Kelly Gulbrandson – the Maid of Honor

It’s over!

Mr. and Ms. – We did it.


During and after the ceremony, there was some romantic poetry and soaring words of love. I wanted to keep my words short but powerful. What was the essence of this wonderful event and life-transition? Here is what I came up with:

To Katy and Nate

Katy you made my life better than is was.

You have made Nate’s life better than it was.

Nate has made your life better than it was.

Nate I am thrilled to have you as my new son-in-law.

Congratulations to my wonderful daughter.

Katy, you are moving into the next phase of life.

You and Nate are making our lives better than they were.

Do “People” Get Pregnant?

The same day that Opinion Writer George F. Wills wrote a piece in the Washington Post mocking a new policy at Stanford forbidding the use of certain words, MSNBC used language that set my hair all ablaze.

The story was about five women who were having medical emergencies and needed abortions. The procedure was denied due to Texas’ new restrictive laws about terminating a pregnancy. The anchor, Alex Wagner, used “woke” language to be gender neutral. Having just read the Will’s piece, I went ballistic. So, here is the letter I wrote to MSNBC. 


Love your programming. Have you on all the time.

Last night, however, on the Alex Wagner program there was an error. In reporting on the Texas abortion lawsuit of five women who were denied abortions, Alex referred to them as “pregnant people.” She should have said “pregnant women.” 

This new woke talk that erases gender from our language is total nonsense.  Please don’t promote it. 

Thank you. I will continue to be a big fan, especially of Rachel.

However the next time one of your anchors says, “pregnant people,” I will scream out loud at the TV and throw my bottle of expensive Rombauer Chardonnay through the TV screen. This can get expensive. 



The monthly newsletter of the Freedom From Religion Foundation has invited members to write a six word story that describes their journey in religion. Here is mine, 

Heaven calls.

Fluffy clouds.

No thanks.

14 thoughts on “A Wedding and Changing Language

  1. Rebecca Morgan says:

    What lovely photos of the wedding. How exciting that Katy is entering this next phase of life. She’s a beautiful woman, inside and out, so I’m delighted she has taken this next step with her beloved.

  2. Patricia Green says:

    Katy and Nate look radiant.

    However I wanted to comment about your letter to MSNBC about the use of the word “pregnant people”. First of all I heard an interview with a male in transition from being a woman, who still had the appropriate organs and used those to actually get pregnant so he and his partner could have their own biological child. He talked about the strange looks he got but their baby was delivered healthy and they are enjoying parenthood. But I also wonder if using the terminology the impacted group prefers is being “woke” or anti “woke. I’m still having a problem with the “they , them ” pronouns but I’m glad to see the term “preferred pronouns” after someone’s name in the press. Not worth wasting a good bottle of Chardonnay.

  3. Michael C. Joyce says:

    May the richest of blessings pave the married path of these two, and Papa’s well written pieces continue to come to us as friends!

  4. Pamela E. Evans says:

    What beautiful wedding photos! Congratulations to Katy and Nate! May they share many years of joy together. Congratulations to the bride’s parents, too. 🙂

  5. Mary Warren says:

    It’s always a good day when people make each other’s lives better by declaring their love. May Katy and Nate live long and prosper, May their love be a beacon and safe harbor for others.

  6. Susan Page says:

    I’m so happy for Kate and Nate and for Rick and Mary too. Big day for all of you!! And thank you for the photos. They are a big help!!

  7. Susan Page says:

    P.S. I agree pregnant people is the height of ridiculous! This whole thing has gone way too far. I dropped out when they stared banning Dr. Seuss!!!!

  8. Bother-in-law Bill says:

    First, loving congrats to Katy and Nate. And to you and Mary and Nate’s parents (and, of course, grandpa).

    Second, thanks for the pics and commentary. Both brilliant and insightful, as usual.

    Third, sorry this is so late.

    Last but not least, keep your flicks and commentary coming.

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