Two Joyous Days

Two Joyous Days

Joyous Day #One

From the time she could hardly walk across the room, our daughter, Katy, had empathy for anything or anyone who was suffering. As a child her feelings were directed toward animals. As an adult, toward other humans.

It didn’t surprise me, then, that Katy has been hugely successful in her job at San Quentin. She works for a nonprofit called The Last Mile. The program teaches men how to program computers so they can get employment when they are released. The program is in seven states and so far, has zero recidivism.

Last week they had a graduation ceremony. Katy said the joy was palpable. In this photo she is second from the right shaking hands with a graduate.

Joyous Day #Two

Next Saturday Katy is getting married to a wonderful young man, Nathaniel Munger. They are being married at Nate’s grandfather’s home in Los Angeles. It will be a small ceremony with just immediate family. We are driving down on Thursday. I even bought a new suit for the occasion. Now I must find another occasion to wear it. A job interview? Going to the SF Symphony?

Full report with photos with my next blog.

13 thoughts on “Two Joyous Days

  1. Pat Titus says:

    Days of joy for sure! It sounds like once Katy made up her mind she has surged forward
    at the same speed & force she once described her birth. Nathaniel is getting a wonderful

  2. Larry Bouttry says:

    My question is where do you think Katie got all of her positive traits of helping other people, empathy on a major scale and seeking a profession that helps so many unloved children who end up incarcerated as adults? Her wonderful parents.
    With much love, Larry.

  3. Emily Benner says:

    Two joyous occasions for her parents and for Katy. I am happy for you all and for the graduates of the San Quentin computer program!

  4. John Hutchison says:

    So happy to all of you! Must be exciting inviting a new member into the family. It’s not easy raising a kid. It takes a village, BS, it takes a world of love.

  5. Ingrid J Fermin says:

    Katy is a remarkable young woman. We wish her the best in marriage. And, congratulations to Mary and yourself. Good Job.

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