Photography + The Essence of Fox News

Photos: Some New, Some Old

Big Brother

Oracle Headquarters with Clouds

Half Moon Bay

Notre Dame, 1968

From inside the spire: Saint Jude… off balance?

Destination: New York City, 1964

Who Needs Hotels?

Arrival: 19 Barrow Street, Greenwich Village, NYC

The Essence of Fox News

My new favorite commentator is Nick Hanauer from Seattle. First saw him on a TED talk. He is a very rich capitalist who is critical of capitalism. He doesn’t buy the elite’s “Trickle Down” bullshit. The key to solving some of our problems is to give the working classes a living wage. But what I liked best from his talk was this observation about Fox News:

“Fox News is rich people telling the middle class that their

problem is poor people” 

1 thoughts on “Photography + The Essence of Fox News

  1. Bill Scanlon says:

    We must have been in Paris at about the same time more than half a century ago!

    That car appears to have a broken window on the left side behind the rear seat! You drove that cross country in ’64? How old was the car then?

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