Photography: A Body of Work

Photography: Lifetime Body of Work

The USB thumb drive containing the best photos I’ve ever taken is here. As described in prior blogs, the photos in this “Body of Work” have been culled from over 47,000 that I have taken since Day One . The 900+ images are distributed across eleven categories: Abstracts; Architecture; Bridges; Friends and Family; Musicians; Nature; Patterns and Repetitions; Portraits and People; Sports; Vehicles, and Workers.

Simply insert the USB thumb drive into the port on your computer and download the contents onto your desktop. You are welcome to use the images however you want. All I ask is that you give me photo credit. The only limitation is on the Photo / Videos. Since I do not have copyright permission for the music on these videos, they are for your private use only. They cannot be put up on the Internet.

So, I’m sure you are wondering, “How do I get this invaluable Photography Artistic Masterpiece?” Very easy. If you are a person I see occasionally, I’ll give you one the next time I see you. Otherwise, send me a stamped, self-addressed envelope + $10, and I’ll send you one. Each envelope will need two first-class stamps.

Let ‘er Rip Productions

1233 Harrison Ave.

Redwood City, CA  94062

Here are a few of my favorite images you have not seen yet:




Friends and Family










5 thoughts on “Photography: A Body of Work

  1. Mary Warren says:

    This is a generous gesture on your part and I appreciate you offering your fabulous selected photos. I especially like the family/friends photo of 4 friends. You all look so relaxed and happy in this capture of a moment before loss. I’ll send the envelopes and thank you.

  2. Mark Shaw says:

    Special. Each one. But there was one that especially tugged my heart. Friends and Family. Remembering and missing Robert’s easy smile and beaming face, sitting with the three others he cared for so much.

  3. Hal says:

    Wow, just wow!
    Oops. I was just advised that my comment was too short for forwarding. OK, I think it’s now long enough.

  4. Melinda says:

    This is hugely generous gift, Rick, and a treasure to me. I was going to ask you for a couple that I’d like to print and frame for our home.

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