New Photo Collection Coming


My new “Lifetime Body of Work” photo collection is almost ready. The 950 best photos out of the roughly 47,000 in my various hard drives are divided into 12 categories. The winners are just two one hundredths (.02%) of the total. As a preview, here are my favorites from each group. More to come. Watch this space.


Prepared for a wedding on the beach at Carmel


The United States Supreme Court, Washington, DC


Over a lagoon in Foster City, CA

Friends and Family

Mary McGlynn and Katy McGlynnGilbert at the Sea Ranch Coast


Watsonville, CA


Terrance Blanchard, Monterey Jazz Festival


Pfeifer Beach, Big Sur, CA

Patterns and Repetition

A McGlynn Wedding


Unhappy jazz fan, Monterey Jazz Festival


San Jose Earthquakes


Stanford Concours D’Elegance

Iron Workers

Iron Workers

Iron Worker, Redwood City, CA

13 thoughts on “Photography

  1. Susan Page says:

    These are a pleasure to see, beautiful and fascinating. Heartwarming and visually exciting. What a fun project for you: taking the photos and sorting through them.

  2. Mark Shaw says:

    Thank you Rick. I am looking forward to the more to come. Some of these I have seen before. Others are new to me. As Susan posted, these were heartwarming and visually exciting. Two in particular that were new to me caught my attention. The Supreme Court and Pfeiffer Beach.

    Your remarkable SC photo, for me, captures the politicization of the Court and the momentum seemingly underway to over turn Roe v Wade. The lone youthful visitor wearing richly textured casual clothes slouching next to those imposing Greek Corinthian columns. Youth standing in contrast to the cold, colorless, and calcified shrine that represents the rule of law, Now stripped of humanity. Overwhelming the only human in the frame.

    In contrast, Pfeiffer Beach is hot and wild. Filled with action and brilliance. Reminding us of the unbridled and kinetic power of nature.

    Thanks again, and am looking forward to more.

  3. Melinda Henning says:

    Love what Mark and Susan said. These are just terrific in mumyiple ways, and I want to see them again and again.

  4. Patricia McDougal says:

    I love your photos! Am hoping to see your shorebirds. I think they were taking off, but not sure. Congratulations on this collection!

  5. Adele Scheele says:

    You have caught the quiet or dramatic moments with such beautiful intensity!
    Thanks photographs must be markers of your own life. Cheers!

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