Happy New Year: Yeah, Good Luck With That

New Year’s Resolution:

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Happy New Year – Are you kidding me?

January 6:  a tourist event

Global warming and Covid are hoaxes

Public heath and science are enemies of the people

Vaccination: “You can’t make me!” 800,000 deaths so far (about five, 9/11s each week)

China invades Taiwan

Russia goes into Ukraine

Republicans take the House and the Senate in the midterms

Gas at $5 / gallon

Supreme Court overturns Roe and keeps Citizens United

Homelessness continues unabated – It’s their own fault. Who cares?

Billionaires go for joy rides in space

Deaths of despair at highest rates ever

Voting rights bills stall in Congress

Economic inequality: top 10% own 70% of nation’s wealth. Bottom 50% own 2%.

Delusional thinking – from conspiracy theories to QAnon: JFK Jr. will return to Dealey Plaza; Jewish           satellites are starting forest fires in northern California; democrats operate child trafficking rings that kill children and drink their blood.

Declining trust in most institutions continues

Rise of fascism / threats to democracy

Continuing gun violence

Catastrophic weather events due to the hoax of global warming

Infrastructure collapse

Climbing inner city murder rates

Common good (i.e.healthcare for all) = dreaded socialism

Key to economic success is to cut taxes on the wealthy

Yeah, Right! 2022 will be better than 2021


iPhone Photographers: I highly recommend Emile Pakarklis’ online photo class. Here are some of my recent iPhone images: 

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year: Yeah, Good Luck With That

  1. Susan Page says:

    The only hope that has any chance of changing some of this horrific picture is the passage of the two voting rights bills. I know Pelosi and Schumer are working on this behind the scenes. If those bills get buried, the American experiment that had so much potential 250 years ago will be over. It will be ruling by a small minority and Democracy will have been defeated by the Oligarchs. Biden has accomplished many amazing things in one year that no media covers. — Your photos are fabulous.

  2. Pat Titus says:

    I agree with Susan. I’ve been supporting the fight vs death of our democracy. At
    the same time I think often that out generation is lucky to have lived these last 80 plus
    years, and sorry that most of the time I took it for granted.

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