Repurposing Electronics


Repurposing Electronics

Live in the Bay Area? Have old electronics in the basement or garage you’d like to get rid of? My daughter, Katy McGlynnGilbert, would be happy to take it (them) off your hands. She even has a small budget.

Katy works with her engineer partner, Nate Munger, to turn old electronics into all manner of things: planter boxes; bars; comic art pieces:















































She will come to your house and pick up your stuff. Contact her:

New Holiday

We just changed Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day. Seriously? WTF? By one estimate, in 1492, there were about 75 million indigenous people in the Americas. By 1900 that number had dropped to less than five million. Europeans killed outright, or by disease, about 70 million indigenous people in four hundred years.

Now we have the gall to create a special day to celebrate “Indigenous Peoples Day.” Considering what we have done to the native people of this land… can anything be more disingenuous?

Count me out.

2 thoughts on “Repurposing Electronics

  1. Katy says:

    In case people are wondering, I’m specifically looking for older TVs (50s/60s).
    Ones from the 90/80s work as long as they are built into the wood cabinetry.
    Ideally they would be before the mid 80s. With ones from the 1950s and 196Os – well, you would make me the happiest person on the planet!
    I’m open to any electronic if I can picture a project with it though!

    Thank you!
    Thanks dad!

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