Springtime and New Book Title

It’s Springtime on the Northern California Coast,

and in Redwood City












































Baby Hummingbirds


Every spring we get a nest with two babies on our deck. I call these photos: “Feed me!”



New Title


 When I told people the title of my new audiobook, Listen Deeply; Be Amazed; Tell the Story,” I got puzzled looks. Time for a new title. Been wrestling with this issue for a couple of weeks. Asked a group of supporters who know about the book for their ideas. Some of my favorites:

The Triumph of Icarus: Stories of Resiliency and Renewal;

Walking Each Other Home: Stories of Resilience That Link Us Together on the Path of Life

Musicians, Iron Workers, and CEOs; Stories of Hardship and Triumph

One suggestion from John Gilliland made me laugh out loud: Icarus Airlines:  If At First You Don’t Succeed

Finally, considering everyone’s input, the new title that captures best what the book is about: “Sharing Our Stories; Tales of Resiliency and Renewal.” I plan to wrap it up within a month. When it “hits the street,” you’ll be the first to know. 

Thanks for everyone’s input.





















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