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Dear Reader,

If you’ve read my last few blogs, you know I’m in the process of writing an audio book, tentatively titled, Cradle to Grave; Stories to Survive the Apocalypse. The stories come from interviews I’ve done over the past 20 years. The theme is how stories can help define the arc of our lives from birth to death. Can we tease out themes that will help us survive in these perilous times? You will hear from about 25 people… and me – both narration in the studio, and from my live one man shows.

I need your help. The project is evolving. Questions I have that I’d love your help with are; Title? Length? What is working, what is not? Who is my target audience? Where / how should I market the book? Libraries? Audible?

I think this is a really unique book with all the interviews from a wide range of people: musicians; iron workers; CEOs; entrepreneurs; an ex-cop; a dancer; a pediatrician; psychotherapists; Chris Brubeck; a former fundamentalist minister; Gloria Steinem; Don Garlits (drag racer); Daniel Ellsberg; a street vendor, etc.

To finish the project, it is going to cost some serious money. Will the book find an audience? Its purpose is entertainment. The stories need to be crisp enough to be “page turners,” otherwise it goes nowhere. Below are six chapters, more or less finished. Total length is about 3 hours. Take them on your phone on a commute; gardening; working out, whatever. If you would listen to all, or one, or even part of one and shoot me your thoughts, I’d be hugely grateful.



P.S. This is a first pass. Forgive a few content inconsistencies, numbering mistakes, audio inconsistencies, etc. It will all be straightened out in “post” as videographers say.”


Chapter 1:Childhood and Family of Origin

Chapter 2; Parenthood

Chapter 3: Music

Chapter 4: Major Fuckups

Chapter 5: Medical Adventures

P.P.S. Whew, nothing about politics. Not much happening in that department, anyway. 

1 thoughts on “Audio Book: Proof of Concept

  1. John Warren says:

    HI Rick!
    I appreciate the lessons about Major Fuckups – both yours and others. I can add a few of my own. I just try not to repeat the same ones too often!

    The Medical Adventures offer both humor and insights. I totally agree with getting the profit out of healthcare and replacing it with a single plan paid thru taxes. Healthcare for all!

    Also, in both of these Chapters, I like having short stories – each with a title, and a chime to signal that it’s a new story.

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