Medical Adventures: Chapter 6

Don’t want to miss this chapter. With the world falling apart worse every day, this chapter is a great escape:

• LSD and Slime Mold

• Getting high on pot, bacteriology, and semipermeable membranes

• Ashes from my straight Camel cigarette falling into the cadaver of the person who died of lung cancer

• The Mayor’s daughter had syphilis

• A hysterectomy and an episode of Transient Global Amnesia

• Medical aid in dying and socialized medicine

Seriously, can it get any more fun than this?

3 thoughts on “Medical Adventures: Chapter 6

  1. Pat Green says:

    Your description of your job as a lab assistant reminded me of having a French Dip roast beef sandwich at Tommy’s Joint in SF in the evening after handling a body part in my anatomy class in college when the smell of formalin came wafting up as I took a bite. They didn’t make us wear gloves in those days.

    I belong to the Hemlock Society here in SD and since we are confined to ZOOM, etc. they alternate monthly meetings with films about the Right to Die. I picked up a DVD today called The Farewell Party, an Israeli film about a group of elders asserting their rights today . Coincidence that I opened your blog about that very issue. The very first film we saw ages ago was Harold and Maude.

    You posts are a relief from the bits of drek I have to sift thru on line.

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