Our Bridges From Air and Sea



Our Beloved Bridges From Above and Below


As part of the building of the new east span of the Bay Bridge, in September, 2009, the bridge was closed for five days for the installation of the famous ‘S’ curve. I wanted to see the construction up close and to photograph the bridge with no cars. I rented a helicopter in Redwood City and had the ride of my life. The pilot told me most of his customers are photographers. Some of my favorite shots from that day:










































“What did you expect, Bob? We chose the low bidder.”

























































































The Oakland on-ramps with no cars. What a sight.



Then on January 10, 2015, the Golden Gate Bridge was closed be be refitted for a movable lane divider. Again, I rented a helicopter to get a birds-eye view of the fun. Favorite shots from that day:




The new east span of the Bay Bridge was operational for some time before the old span was completely demolished. Fellow photographer, Bill Bishop, and I rented a boat out of the Berkeley Yacht Harbor on November 17, 2016 to get up close to the final tear down of the old Bay Bridge. Turns out, the new bridge was also spectacular. Again, favorite shots:




Latest Potting With Kitchen Appliance


Silverware holder from old dishwasher. Hmm, seems like it might leak dirt…

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Take a look:







5 thoughts on “Our Bridges From Air and Sea

  1. Lil Schaller says:

    As always, beautiful photography!

    And wow, big change for PSI. Interesting times where businesses are finding a positive from having had to work from homes. We’re forever changed, for sure.

  2. Mary Warren says:

    Wow! The photos of World Headquarters brought back memories and a bit of sadness. I liked the bridge photos, esp #4. Spectacular.

  3. Susan Page says:

    The bridges are beautiful and with NO cars, historic indeed!
    I clicked on Bring in the Clowns and totally adored the whole 14 minutes. The perfect break in my day!!!
    Throwing the i phone took the prize!!! You are so much fun! Always!!!
    And WOW that is huge news that Powerspeaking is going 100% virtual? Huge change! This virus is changing the world!

  4. Patricia T Green says:

    Have you taken any with the night light displays? That’s what I’d like to see.
    BTW, going for a nice drive to explore places in the Bay Area is is a great way to” self isolate”, or with members of your household.
    Great pictures, Rick,

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