Pumpkin pi + iPhone Photography

Pumpkin Pi

Katy’s partner, Nate Munger, who is majoring in computer science at SF State, carved out his pumpkin design: “Pumpkin Pi.”



Katy and Nate in their costumes,




















More iPhone 11 Photo Magic

  (Most of this works also with iPhones 8 and beyond)



Took a great class at the Stanford Shopping Center Apple Store. Here is what I learned,

I) Block the lens. Anything will do – here is colored paper, a metal sculpture, phone, and a chair.
































































































II) Unusual Angles. Go high or go low. Too many shots are taken at eye level.





























































III) Use reflections





































IV) Use Portrait mode + Stage Light Mono










































































































































Also, morning sun back-lighting a plant outside my window


































Oh, almost forgot… politics.

What is your opinion? Two questions.

  1. Good or bad for the dems if Trump is impeached by the House, but not removed from office by the Senate.
  2. Good or bad for the dems if Trump is impeached and removed from office.

















4 thoughts on “Pumpkin pi + iPhone Photography

  1. Susan Page says:

    Oh I’m so delighted to hear Katy has a partner. He seems charming from the photo! Also, great iphone art.

    HORRIBLE if the Senate acquits this criminal buffoon!!!!! Can you hear the goon gloat? Worst possible outcome.

    GREAT if the Senate convicts him. Even greater if he gets tried in regular courts and put in jail!!! But of course Pence will “pardon” him. Utterly disgusting.

    My two pesos!

  2. George O. Petty says:

    Impeachment: so far this process has shown the House cannot enforce subpoenas, in this case benefiting the minority party. It will be interesting to see what happens in the Senate, where the majority party will not be interested in strengthening its power to throw out the President. But however this all works out, it looks to me like the Executive will have substantially weakened the Legislative branch of our government (already tottering under the avalanche of Trump’s Executive Orders).

  3. Warren Harnden says:

    Nicely done, Pi on a pumpkin. Got to thinking about Apple Pi, of course; maybe replace the apple on the apple screen with the Pi symbol?? Dunno, just thinkin, – – .
    Trump getting an impeach decision from the House without Senate following up-Not good, Not at all good. Revolting at best, Revolution as the worst? F – – -ing gruesome stuff.

    Of course, Pence would replace Trump unless he was to have some sudden medical condition that placed him elsewhere; Pelosi would then get the job, I think? Wow. More likely would be to pull 5 Aces out of a fresh deck.

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