iPhone Portrait Mode Magic


iPhone 11 Portrait Mode Magic


In “Portrait” mode, iPhone lets you blur the background. The same feature that blurs the background can also turn the background black or white. The effect is stunning. Makes a photo look very professional, as if it were shot in a studio.



Sans background


Garden succulent



Background gone…




Color and background gone



Gary Hermansen with San Francisco in background



Same location, background gone – poof

John Warren – works just as well with color, or B&W


Open your camera, swipe to “Portrait” mode and start experimenting. Great fun.



5 thoughts on “iPhone Portrait Mode Magic

  1. John Warren says:

    Hi Rick!
    Once you found that special feature on the iPhone 11, I am not surprised by how many ways you are already experimenting with it!
    This adds a new dimension to your “Community Based Photography “!

  2. Warren Harnden says:

    A whole new palette from which to create, Rick. You are having fun, I believe. And I believe, also, you are damned good at it! Carry on! High Tech is your flying carpet.

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