Dates to Remember

Photo Show: October 10 Talk of Broadway, 2096 Broadway, RWC  5:30 – 7:00

Enjoy a wine and cheese reception and hear about these world-class works of art. (Don’t believe the rumors that Ansel Adams will be there to show support.)
















Next One Man Show:  February 8, 2020. Details to follow.

2 thoughts on “Portraits

  1. Warren Harnden says:

    Hi, Rick
    Three of us are heading down into the Grand Canyon’s Nankoweap Trail on 4thOct, hope to be back in the Bay Area around the 10th. Your exhibit looks fun and interesting, but maybe February 20 would be a good opportunity for me. I am missing the picnic, also, this year. Kinda getting caught in a giant hole. May your photo show be a happy success. Take care!

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