Tad McGlynn’s Homemade Sawmill

Videoing Tad McGlynn and his homemade sawmill was one of the highlights of this year’s McGlynn reunion for me.



Best Reunion Photos

The Elders































































New photo show just installed in The Talk of Broadway

restaurant in Redwood City


















































Please mark your calendar. My next One Man Show

is scheduled for Saturday,

February 8, 2020 at the Dragon Theater in Redwood City.

(Tentative title: “You’ll never believe what happened next…  Stories of a charmed life from the mid-twentieth century.”)





3 thoughts on “Tad McGlynn’s Homemade Sawmill

  1. Warren Harnden says:

    That McGlynn fellow is inTENSE! And, he is one heck of a “Mech Tech” Wonderfully resourceful. What a guy, eh? A sure fire way to have fun and be productive.
    Thanks for this, Rick

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