Camera Work


Luckiest Shot of the Year

Bees move so fast, it is almost impossible to keep them in focus (pretty much), let alone two of them.

I used a macro lens, got in close and put it on a continuous frame rate of 5 fps, and hoped for the best.



Caltrain barrels into Palo Alto.

 (Photographer jumps out of the way.)


Baby hummingbirds ready to take flight for the first time.



Video of the bees doing their work, and a hummingbird getting ready to leave the nest. Note how this baby starts moving his or her neck as if testing out the air right before taking off. They never return to the nest. The sibling is still in the nest as of this writing.


7 thoughts on “Camera Work

  1. John says:

    HI Rick! Glad you jumped out of the way of the train! Otherwise, these amazing photos and videos would be no more! I wonder if the bees can hear “flight of the bumble bee” in their heads as they do their work?

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