“First Kiss” by Robert Fish


First Kiss

In 2015 we lost Robert Fish, a master storyteller and wonderful human being. The cancer spread rapidly from his prostate to his spine, then to vital organs. I thought I had months left to visit him in Oregon, but he was gone in a matter of weeks. I lost a brother.

Robert left a lot behind for us to remember him by. My favorite is a story he wrote and recorded about the first girl he ever kissed. I’ve heard it dozens of times, and with  each listening my appreciation for Robert’s talents grows. I invite you to listen to this remarkable example of world-class storytelling.

If you can, I recommend you listen to it alone and with headphones. Late evening, say, 9:00ish would be a good time. Give it your full attention. You will appreciate the flow of this well-crafted story as Rober’s delivery pulls you in. You may find yourself recalling high school as your early sexuality was blossoming. His description of Evelyn’s hair, smell, and pores of her skin will take you back, maybe, to the 9th or 10th grade.

I hope you enjoy the story.


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