Portraits + Marcia Daszko Book Review

Portraits Redux


I put this video up a year ago, and I like the images so much, thought I’d give it another shot.



Help for leaders:  Pivot, Disrupt, Transform by Marcia Daszko.

                                                                So many leaders struggle, flounder and fail. Others wildly succeed. What’s the difference? Leaders have a choice.

There’s fork in the road. Some people chase management fads, “best practices,” and follow the status quo.

For those who challenge everything they do and are obsessed with a compelling purpose to serve, they innovate and transform.

Marcia Daszko’s new book PIVOT DISRUPT TRANSFORM is the practical guide that can help leaders.



The worst air quality in the world.

What a mess.




Safe driving tip: Do not steer with your knee while taking photos with your iPhone




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