Stories Are Everywhere

With your iPhone camera or video, you can become a media producer and capture all the action going on around you.

  1. From our 12th floor hotel room in downtown San Francisco,




























2) Waiting for our flight at SFO, these sisters amused themselves until boarding,

3) Johnny Kooker is a crane operator for a major building project in downtown Redwood City. For him, everything is about safety.

He sits  200 feet above the action, and moves thousands of pounds of building materials around the site… always looking out for the safety of the men.

















So keep that iPhone camera handy and keep a sharp eye out for what is going on around you.




















2 thoughts on “Stories Are Everywhere

  1. Pamela E. Evans says:

    Love the 12th Floor Hotel Room (roof top) photo. You should enter that one in a contest. Enjoyed the short videos, too.

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