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I put aside my standard anti-religion rant as I talked to these two Jehovah’s Witnesses at the Mountain View Framers Market last week. They told me about their work and the power of their beliefs.

R: What has been the most memorable positive experience you’ve had going door-to-door trying to interest people in your religion?

JW: A very depressed young man sitting in his darkened livingroom. Ex-military. Suffering from PTSD. Told us he saw no reason to go on. We talked for twenty minutes. As we left, he took our literature and hugged us, saying, “Thank you. It looks better now. Maybe I’ll pull through after all.” Things like this keep us going.

I then took this photo.

The fresh fruit vendor got the attention of this young boy.









2 thoughts on “Photos of the Week

  1. Hal says:

    Love the Jehova Witness photo. I worked with a woman who was a JW. Things got awkward every once and a while. No observance of holiday parties in the office and other typical observances. But she was very sweet and kind.

  2. Ray Mayeri says:

    I’m as much a non believer as you woud imagine, but I consider myself a Realist. As regards to the JW’s I have had the opportunity to work with in a business relationship, each has stood out from the crowd in terms of openness, reliability, trustworthiness–you name it. I can only wish more power to such individuals. Whatever it is that empowers them, if it’s positive to others–more power to them.

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