The Strange Tale of the Edith-E

Between Novato and Vallejo California is a 32 mile road called Highway 37. Heading east, just beyond Sears Point Raceway, you pass over some water inlets, dry docks and boat storage facilities. Most of it has seen better days. About three miles past the bridge, on the right, in the middle of a field is a small wooden boat that is crumbling to pieces.It’s name is “Edith-E.”  For years, I noticed it there, along with a beat up old rusty truck, every time I took this road. About five years ago on a pleasant afternoon, I stopped to take some photos. It was spring and the ice plant ground cover was in full bloom. The pictures turned out great.



On my way to Reno this past weekend, I decided to find out who owned this boat and truck, and tell them about my unusual, beautiful photos. I was planning to generously offer to make them an 11 X 14 print for their home or office for free. All I wanted was acknowledgment as a great photographer.

I pulled off the highway and doubled back toward the boat storage area. I found two men who were in charge. I told them my plan. They rolled their eyes and started laughing. Turns out dozens of other great photographers stop by every week with the same idea. Some even prop pretty women up on the boat for some kind of advertising gimmick. The men said they moved the truck because people were stealing parts off it. Amazingly, they had no idea who owns the boat or even how it got there.

Next time you travel Highway 37, stop and get in line to photograph the Edith-E. How she got there? I suspect aliens.




9 thoughts on “The Strange Tale of the Edith-E

  1. George Petty says:

    Looks like there’s a registration number above the “Edith-E” name — have you checked DMV (which registers boats)? Any other pictures of the truck, which doesn’t look like a Ford, anyway?

  2. Pat Green says:

    About 3 years ago I got stuck in a 3 hour traffic tie up on the Novato side of the bridge that goes along that area. One lane in each direction. Vehicles ahead of me were moving over to the median so emergency vehicles could get by on the right hand shoulder. I called my brother who went on line and found out that there had been an accident at the bottom on the Novato side. Pretty soon, since it was apparent that we couldn’t move, people started getting out of their vehicles and chatting. The women were all about to pay for bathroom facilities in the RVs that were in the line, and people who had bicycles rode them down to the end to keep us posted. Thank good ness it was a warm summer day and folks were in good spirits (as opposed to So Cal drivers who would have rioted!) Last year that same area was flooded after the rains and had been closed for some time. Would be curious about the Edith E now.

    Good photo.

  3. Curious J says:

    Thank you for writing this and taking these nice pictures! I was coming home from work (after a quick nap in the car) and happened to look over and see the boat for the first time. I was immediately interested, because why is this tiny little boat all the way out here? To think, if I had stayed asleep, I wouldn’t have seen it. I’m curious about its story, but until I find out what it is, I think I’ll write my own.

  4. Edith R. says:

    Thats amazing!!! My husband and I actually happened to drive by from a weekend trip to the coast. Since my name is Edith we had to stop and get some pictures!!! This stop was truly the highlight of our day

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