Wilderness Makes You A Better Person

During my recent five day stay at Echo Lake (near Tahoe), I got a chance to interview
a young woman whose family has had a cabin on the lake for 60 years. This happened because I had
photographed her mother waterskiing about 5 years ago. In exchange for the print, I got
a private tour of the lake and an interview with Jordi. I’ve always wanted to know more
about the cabins around the lake that are never sold, but handed down to family members.
Jordi is in the center of it all




2 thoughts on “Wilderness Makes You A Better Person

  1. Warren Harnden says:

    I spent several years in the early part of the summer working with Jorgy to open the Chalet-usually for a few weeks at the most. Then the Lakers’ family kids would show up for the work Jorgy could provide to them for the summer’s balance. And, understandably, I’d be the odd man out. Probably this was from roughly May,’57 when this “routine” started thru about early summer’63. Worked the whole summit region when I was not working at the lake; Kyburz, Phillips Pow Wow lodge. Twin Bridges, Little Norway (Long gone, now), and on into South Tahoe. Jorgy was a fine, fair, hard working guy and pretty much a joy with whom to work. The Laker kids were really tolerant of me. There is no doubt I was a very odd duck amongst them all; just trying to stay out of my mom’s hair in the summer, did not have much of an idea about how to face my ongoing Life Predicament (same for all of us, nearly, I am sure!). It goes on, but hearing Jordi speak, I could pretty easily identify the social air at the Chalet. I may have known her mom when I was there. She would not remember me. There are as many stories up there as there are people, of course.
    Thanks, Rick. Very neat stuff!

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