An Afternoon With Janis Joplin

One warm October afternoon in 1966 I shot a roll of B&W film of a Janis Joplin Golden Gate Park free concert. It was before she hit the big time. There was no security, so I got up close. Here, from the San Jose Mercury, (October 27, 2001) is  what happened.


















1 thoughts on “An Afternoon With Janis Joplin

  1. Ann says:

    I’m always amazed at the people and places you have gotten to, and the stories you tell! (I’m also reminded that you were a very beautiful young man in ’66.) Your story brings back a memory of another night — it must have been about the same time — when a group of us were at the Cabal on San Pablo in Berkeley totally into a Chambers Brothers set and this young woman who had just arrived with someone on a motorcycle started whaling with them from the audience. Someone called her “Tex.” We found out later, it was Janis.
    Were you there that night? I know Terry was, and possibly Tim.
    Thanks for reminding me. Love, A

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