Good-bye Mr. Hot Tub

Good-bye Mr. Hot Tub

Bought a hot tub 20 years ago. $8,000. Used it at first, then less and less. Decided to get rid of it. Use the space for something else. Ran an ad: Hot tub, $400. Ran another ad on Freecycle: Free hot tub. Could not give it away. Had to pay $600 to have it hauled away. Most of it will go in the landfill. What a shame. What a “first world” problem. Here is the story…


7 thoughts on “Good-bye Mr. Hot Tub

  1. Susan page says:

    Oh shucks. I was so looking forward to a nice soak next visit. But Wow super impressive how complex a process. It is a darling video. The end of an era. Now you have to show us what you do with the space!!

  2. jim says:

    “Between the idea and the reality falls a shadow”. T.S. Eliot……all good, rick, I am with you relearning this lesson on a daily basis….it does/did look like a fine hot tub…..

  3. Warren Harnden says:

    A graphic representation of the apparent differences between ages 65 and 85. Well done, Rick-as usual!
    I enjoyed your “interview” with the workman; seemed a really self confidant and thoughtful individual who is
    enjoying his moments. People like him make Life pretty much better.
    Your property looks very fine, Rick. Gonna plant a Semper Viren to replace Mr. Hot Tub?

  4. Bob Kremers says:

    Very nice production. And, a great price, only $600. Ours was made of redwood. I could have made some furniture with it, but our solution was to just sell the house. Thanks for the memories.

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