Audiobook; Creativity; Conspiracy Theory

Sharing Our Stories

My new audiobook, Sharing Our Stories; Tales of Resilience and Renewal will be online by next week. Some early reviews: 

Absolute perfection. This is so polished and flows so well. Rich, captivating, and professionally done. A passionate piece of work.  What a gift it is for all who listen.

– Rachel Oppedahl                                      

Gets listeners to think beyond the day-to-day — to think about what’s meaningful in their lives — what stories they want to leave with loved ones. Your masterful storytelling, interviewing, and clear narration honor your subjects’ lives, experiences, and lessons that you’re sharing with the rest of us. 

– Nancy Vincler

You have created something very special and unique. You explored  not only your own life, but also many others. You put together a piece that is meaningful and entertaining, but which offers so much direction toward experiencing a more fulfilling life. I will be recommending this book to friends and family.

– Bob Kremers

This book is a captivating listen, a unique vision, and a truly wonderful contribution to us all. I love the letter to the Pope. Stunning  that you heard the Pope say it is not necessary to believe in god. The ironworkers interviews were perhaps the most astonishing and enlightening and memorable. You will meet famous people, people with unusual professions and lives. You will hear stories that you will never forget, and that you may find yourself repeating to friends. Rick Gilbert went through life with his camera and his recorder to capture unusual, inspiring, entertaining, and educational slices of life.

– Susan Page

Your curiosity and warmth with your interviewees are what drives it all along.  Your audio delivery is really good.  Usually I prefer to read stories, but not in this case. 

– Pat Titus

The way you weave music in and out is very effective. Good work, maestro!

– Nancy Gilliland


Talk About Creativity

Our daughter, Katy, was creative from the beginning. There are always projects. This new one, though, takes the prize. She saw an ad for an old 1950s console TV for an affordable price. These things can go as high as $1,000 on eBay. She and her partner, Nate, picked it up in east San Jose, brought it to their apartment, lugged it up the stairs and took it apart. Nate, ever the engineer, marveled at the circuit board that was a jumble of electronic parts including vacuum tubes. They cleaned it up. Nate installed some string lights, and voila, a 1930s bar: 


Talk About Bizarre

I guess the Trump-loving conspiracy people got it right after all. I got my booster shot last week. Instantly I became magnetic. (But at least I don’t have Covid): 

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