Pot or Pizza?

Pot or Pizza?*

When I started college in 1957, only “dope fiends” used marijuana. By the ealy 60s, I was getting stoned every weekend with my friends. Contrary to what my parents had told me, though, it was not a gateway drug to heroin. Today, you can get pot delivered to your home with the same ease as ordering a pizza or a Lift.  “Gummies” (edibles) help me sleep. I’ve become a regular user. Today, my local “pusher man” was offering a 20% discount on orders more than $50 in honor of Mother’s Day. Ha, Mother’s Day.

My order was tracked by email, including how long before the driver would arrive. The packaging is professional and warns to keep away from children.














How far we have come. What a country (or, should I say, what a state, California)

*Only problem with the Gummies, is in the middle of the night, I get the munchies and order pizza too.





To get tickets for my June 24 show, please go to:



        This is not a play.

     I am not acting.

          This is not fiction.

It is all true.






Photos of the Week

Local skateboarding park

Backyard succulent

2 thoughts on “Pot or Pizza?

  1. Alice Cathcart says:

    Wouldn’t put it past you to have done the high dive at Angora Lake, but that form is a little alarming, Rick. Hope it’s photoshop or the landing was a little more organized than the takeoff. 😀

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