Katy McGlynn Gilbert Joins National Honor Society

Phi Theta Kapa is a national honor society for junior college students.To the thrill of her parents, on Friday evening Katy was inducted into this society at a ceremony at Skyline College. Katy’s story is inspiring. Struggling with dyslexia all the way along, after high school she tried college and hated it. She vowed higher education was not for her. She then put in a few years working retail at Good Vibrations in Palo Alto. Something snapped. She’d had enough. So, it was back to school with a determination that has marked her life whenever she makes up her mind.

The pride we felt as she joined these other outstanding students made my buttons pop and tears to flow. Yesterday in the mail, we got a big fat envelope for Katy for Columbia University. Who knows what the future holds, but it sure  looks bright.

If you’d like to contact her: katymcgilbert@gmail.com


14 thoughts on “Katy McGlynn Gilbert Joins National Honor Society

  1. Linda Morrisey says:

    Woo hoo Katy!!!!!!!! Congratulations, and congratulations to her parents, who I know have been such an amazing support system along the way…:)

  2. michael says:

    My congratulations to her! The self discipline and personal strength are evident!

    So are mom and dad’s loving support.

  3. Lil Schaller says:

    Congratulations to Katy, and surely to the two of you who have provided her with such amazing support through it all. You must be busting at the seams!

    • John Buckel says:

      Great news! Congratulations to Katy and best wishes for a smooth ride to that “Bright Future” that dad foresees

  4. Rick Gilbert says:

    Dear All,

    Oooops, please note: Katy has not been accepted to Columbia. She has joined an honor society for junior college students. Along the way Columbia sent her a nice brochure telling her about the school and that some “non traditional” students have done very well there. It is a long way from getting straight ‘A’s at a junior college and getting into an elite Ivy League school. If that happened, I’d be writing from the Intensive Care Unit because I couldn’t breathe. Sorry for the confusion.


  5. Pamela Evans says:

    All I can say is “Wow”! What an accomplishment, Katy! Congratulations! Go forth on your life’s journey with confidence, determination and joy!

  6. Geoff and Lynn says:

    Wow! This is indeed exciting.

    Congratulations to all.

    Best wishes for the next challenge, whatever that may be.

  7. Katie Green says:

    Hey Rick,

    Two summers ago here in rural Wisconsin you sat on our porch and talked lovingly about this child of yours whom you dearly love and are so proud of. We, too have kids who thought they weren’t college material and so did other things for a year or more (commercial fishing, carpentry, cooking, among other endeavors) and eventually thought better of that conclusion, got some other training and degrees in higher education. Personally, I redecide my life nearly every day! NO need to get in a rut unless one likes the particular rut.

    My most recent reincarnation is as a world traveler. One of those “kids” is taking me to Ireland in May, land of your McGlyns, and the Flynns, Devlins, Stinsons, Armstrongs, Cunninghams, Murphys and all the other wild, feckless Irish whose gene pool I inherited.

    Onward, upward.

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