High School Reunion vs. Family Reunion

The day after Mary McGlynn’s family reunion, August 4th., 2017, her high school class got together for their 50th. reunion at the McGlynn farm in Cazenovia, WI. I got to thinking about how these two reunions are similar, or different.

Weston High School 50 Year Reunion


  • Age range.
    Family; 8 months to eighty-six years.
    High school; 68 years, plus or minus a year.
  • Hair color. Family; all over the map. High school; all gray or white, except when “enhanced.”
  • Kids. Family reunion; lots of kids running around. High school reunion; zero kids.
  • Future. In 20 years, the family will still be having reunions…





McGlynn Family Reunion                                                                                                                                                          


  • Controversy. Don’t talk about politics or religion.
  • Favorites. You like some people, others, not so much. (The ones you DO   like tend to agree with you politically – though you aren’t supposed to talk about that.)
  • Emotion. Everyone is having a good time.
  • Drinks. Plenty of “adult beverages.”




3 thoughts on “High School Reunion vs. Family Reunion

  1. Both of those reunions sound like a lot of fun! What a weekend. Probably the politics of both groups are all over the place, right?

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