Treasures From the Monterey Jazz Festival

Meet Ernest Walker

At this years jazz festival, I met an interesting musician / producer over lunch. He runs a radio station and a production company in Houston TX, and is affiliated with Texas Southern University. He loves helping young people on their journeys in the world of music. He is modest and grateful for the success he has had, and especially thankful for his many mentors. Here is his story: 



On The Road to Nepenthe

On Sunday I headed down to Big Sur and famed restaurant Nepenthe. Suddenly in a carve-out on the side of Highway 1, I saw a bunch of flathead Ford roadsters on a rest stop on their journey. Thought I’d died and gone to Ford V8 Heaven. 


6 thoughts on “Treasures From the Monterey Jazz Festival

  1. Mary Warren says:

    I loved Ernest’s story. It highlighted the importance of mentors in developing our craft, whatever it might be, and the importance of then becoming a mentor for the next generation. He had them and then became one. Nice. Thanks for sharing this interview.

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