Dan Barker: From Preacher to Atheist

Are you religious?

 Are you an atheist or an agnostic?


Wherever you stand on these issues, I think you will find Dan Barker’s story interesting. Dan is the Co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation in Madison, Wisconsin. In this three-part interview, he describes how he evolved from a Bible-believing fundamentalist preacher to an atheist at around age 30. (Sorry about the soft focus toward the end. I blame it on autofocus or camera gremlins.)












Meet Dan Barker, Preacher Turned Atheist












1 thoughts on “Dan Barker: From Preacher to Atheist

  1. Warren Harnden says:

    Dan Barker seems to be one of those wonderfully thoughtful sorts whose clear and clean intelligence is served with more grace than Billy Graham could have ever imagined, much less presented. His broad and deep human knowledge would be a great half of a discussion with an equally gracious Jesuit scholar while the two talked of their observations of Humanity among humans, for an example; each would know a good bit about Christianity in general while their perspectives might give good light on so many philosophical ideas. Thanks, Rick. Good stuff!

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