Why Interviews?

For my last blog post, I featured a story about Anne Salley. Anne sells her handmade hats and jewelry on the Boardwalk at Santa Cruz. I blended an interview with her from two years ago with a recent one from November. Got lots of positive feedback about the story. The best, though, came from Anne Salley:


Wow! Thank you Rick! That was really cool! I liked to see the clip at the beginning from the previous video.  Did you enjoy your hat?  I appreciate your will to find the deeper reasons behind what we do in life.  The video was a good reminder to me to stay committed to my values.   I have been having really beautiful experiences with the people who I meet selling recently.  The human interaction is really important to me.
Hope to see you again soon!


Everyone has a story to tell. All we have to do is ask.

The hat!

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