Pathway to Wealth

Pathway to Wealth:

Let ‘er Rip Trading Cards


Top Presidential Qualities

What is the essence of being presidential? Character? Vision? Compassion? Integrity? Communication?

None of these, as it turns out. The previous president has shown us what really matters: narcissism; incompetence; untrustworthiness; lack of information. But top of the list is being a self-promoting carnival barker, a grifter.

So, to let his base know what is important, the former guy came out with a series of trading cards showing his amazing abilities across many areas. They sold out in hours netting him $4,ooo,ooo+.

Let ‘er Rip Productions Answers

Showing our total lack of dignity or character, I have ripped off this terrific idea from the former guy. Yes, indeed, friends…now, for a limited time only, you too can get three amazing Rick Gilbert Trading Cards. Supplies are limited. Order now. Do not delay.

What a keepsake for your children and grandchildren. Imagine 15 years from now and those grandchildren are ready to go to Stanford. You go to your safe deposit box, pull out these invaluable cards, and boom – you sell them on eBay and get Stanford tuition for all four years. What an investment.

The public will pay $1,500 per card. But if you order today, as a Let ‘er Rip subscriber, you get a special 30% discount, only $999.99 per card. What a bargain. Operators are standing by to take your order. In payment, we take cash, credit cards, gold, silver coins, cryptocurrency, family jewels, you name it.

Congratulations on making the best financial decision of a lifetime.

12 thoughts on “Pathway to Wealth

  1. Chris says:

    Limited time investment?! I’m late on my rent and my water has been shut off but you better believe I bought all your trading cards! /s

  2. Kenny F says:

    Thank you for creating something of True Value, an investment sure to keep away those commie tax-and-spenders! Gilbert in in 2024! MAGA-GA-gaw!

  3. Mary Warren says:

    Don’t forget these are not cards you can hold in your hand, they’re NFTs, that’s non-fungible tokens recorded on blockchains! Digital asset only.

  4. Susan Page says:

    Please send me ten sets. I don’t need the discount as they are worth the full $1,500. (We are talking Mexican pesos, right?)

  5. Ingrid J Fermin says:

    I am experiencing real JOY this Christmas, because I feel confident that The Donald is experiencing one of his worst Holiday Seasons EVER. May he be indicted/convicted of every pending investigation.

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