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Fire in the Belly;

Stories of Love and Passion – Huge Hit

Video of the show will be up on Vimeo soon.

Photos courtesy of Harlan Crowder.

Brighten your day!

Google “Paul McCartney lets a 10-year-old girl play with the band.” During his recent concert in Buenos Aires, a girl is invited onto the stage to have him sign her doll. Instead, she asks to play bass with his band. They do a cosmic version of “Get Back,” with the audience going wild. If you can watch this without bawling, let me know.

Memes That Continue to Drive Me Nuts

  • Men with a three-day growth of stubble. When are we going to get over this silliness?
  • TV medical commercials that say, “Ask your doctor,” “tell your doctor.” This robotic language is always paired with the most god-awful list of side effects: thoughts of suicide, depression, diarrhea, etc. while happy people romp on the beach or in a meadow.
  • Existential. I have to conclude we are seeing the meaning of this word changing before our eyes. It does NOT mean “to threaten the existence of something.” Look it up. But, if you want to sound hip on TV, toss that word into your commentary.


  • The Evolutionary Meaning of White Hair. Had to look this up. Answers are not wonderful for those of us with white hair:
  1. To let younger people know we are too old to mate with.
  2. When food supplies get low, the white haired ones are put off onto the ice flow because they are a drag on the tribe. Whoopee.
  • Why older people sleep less.  Someone has to stay awake to guard the tribe.
  • Still unanswered question: Why, after 50, hair started growing out of my ears and nose.


“The trouble with quotes on the Internet is that it is difficult to determine whether or not they are genuine.”

– Abraham Lincoln


 Dunkirk. Just outstanding! This IS “existential” in the sense that “Waiting for Godot” is existential. There is this unseen dread that comes at these soldiers suddenly out of nowhere. The tension created by an amazing musical score should win this movie an Oscar.





Jeff Daniels as Will McAvoy. Google “The Newsroom – America is not the greatest country in the world.” This may be the best TV speech ever. Daniels presents a blend of moral outrage with a vision for a better future. Similar to his speech to his troops in “Gettysburg.” 




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  1. John Warren says:

    Let’s hear it for Sir Paul McCartney for giving that girl a shot! Rick, you can add her to your next show for someone who took a risk!

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