Youtube: The Gunfighter. A Short Film by Eric Kissack

Youtube: Chef Buck, and his partner, “Camera Girl.”

Youtube: Hitler tries to rent an apartment in San Francisco

Strangers in Their Own Land by Arlene Russell Hochschild

 Hochschild is a UC Berkeley sociologist who wants to understand the great political divide in our country. She went to live for five years in Louisiana in the heart of the Tea Party and the bible belt. This “left coast” liberal could not have been further from home. Her book paints a vivid picture of why many in the deep South are so strong in their support for Trump. There is a “wall of empathy” that prevents us from understanding each other. She is trying to get over that wall.

She admits how hard it is for her to hear people who hate government down to their bones say,

“Oil company pollution is the price we pay for capitalism. We don’t want big government putting restrictions
on the creativity of the oil companies.”

The book is worth your time.



Camino Island by John Grisham 

This is a novel that will cause you to miss that important meeting because you stayed in the car too long to see what happens next.


Sam Harris podcasts

Weekly podcasts on topics far and wide. Always stimulating.

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