Don’t miss this wonderful movie. Tom Hanks and Clint Eastwood (director) do a fabulous job of telling this gripping and uplifting story. As Eastwood observed, there is a lot going wrong these days. How great to tell a story about something that ended so well. 

This is not a movie you are likely to see on your next airplane flight. 



Just Pretend A Freethought Book for Children, by Dan Barker

If you have a child young enough to believe in Santa Claus, but you are conflicted about the first BIG LIE we tell our kids, this book is for you. 

Written for children, it appeals to logic and rational thinking, “How could Santa Claus know what every kid wants for Christmas? A fat old man couldn’t fit down your chimney.” 

Barker was a fundamentalist Christian before he figured it all out and became an atheist. The idea behind the book is that if we get kids to believe in Santa, it is a short leap to God. 

When our daughter, Katy, was young, we told her that Santa was just pretend. No damage done to her little psyche. She grew up to be a fine, strapping atheist like her dad. Something to be proud of. 

You can get Just Pretend at Amazon for $15.

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  1. John Warren says:

    I loved Sully! As you said, both gripping and uplifting. The guy who started to swim to shore, but returned to the plane is a CEO of a company in Jacksonville. He was on the radio telling the story from a passenger’s perspective. Imagine the inside of the plane after hitting the birds – everything went silent because there were no engines. How scary is that???

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