Gloria(Chile w/ subtitles)

Tired of seeing all the young, beautiful 20-somethings having all the fun in life, love, and sex? If so, you’ll love Gloria.

It’s the story of a middle-age divorced woman carrying on with her life on her own terms. Stumbling and lurching forward in work and romance.

Gloria (Paulina Garcia), at 50 , is out there taking risks and being vulnerable with all the joys and sorrows of a woman alone. Her love interest, Rodolpho (Sergio Hernandez), turns out to be a coward who can’t commit. As he screams to her pulling away in her car, “But I love you.” She just shouts back, “Grow a pair.”

The movie is replete with some great full nudity love scenes not to be seen in American films that are delightfully erotic, especially since the lovers are…ahem… on in years. Reminded me of a great scene in About Schmidt when Schmidt (Jack Nicholson) with swim suit on is joined in a hot tub by totally nude Kathy Bates. The scene shows her rather ample back side sliding into the hot tub to Schmidt’s dismay. The audience groaned at the scene. Wha??? We full-bodied elders shouldn’t enjoy physical pleasures? Gloria says “Oh yes we can.”

Another delightful scene is when Gloria takes revenge on Rodolpho by machine gunning him in front of his house with a paint ball gun.

Don’t miss this one. You can find it on Netflix.

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