Book Review: Speaking Up: Surviving Executive Presentations (Chinese Version)

Happy to report that my book, Speaking Up: Surviving Executive Presentations has been translated into Chinese. It is now available in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

I can’t read a “word” of it (or, should I say, “character”) but the cartoons are engaging. The use of visual humor throughout is great fun.

There is a boss and a hapless presenter. He is so clueless that in the elevator, when he should be giving a concise elevator pitch, he is rambling on about his mother and his laundry (according to a business colleague who speaks Mandarin) while staring at the ceiling and picking his nose. 

In another scene, the bored boss is yawning as our hero attempts to keep him engaged with a drum, a guitar, and a harmonica.

My book has lots of photos, and video links, but nothing like this cartoon content. It adds a lot to the story.

Additionally, the title has been changed to something like: “You’ve got 30 seconds to get and hold management’s attention.” Funny thing, that is the key take-away of my book. Smart to have turned it into the title.

For multiple copies, www.berrett-koehler. If you read Chinese and would like a complimentary copy, please contact me. I have a few.

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