Desolation Wilderness: Get Out Here!

Last week, I spent five days at Echo Lake and in Desolation Wilderness. On a day hike from Echo to Tamarack Lake, I met two forest rangers from the US Forest Service. I interviewed them to find out why they care so much about wilderness. Take a look,

5 thoughts on “Desolation Wilderness: Get Out Here!

  1. Oh I LOVE this piece on Desolation. Some of the highlights of my whole life took place there. My son lives 20 miles from there, and every time we visit, I beg for an overnight there, and it never happens. I have to make it happen myself! Now I will!!!! Great interview. That was hilarious when she said, “Just apply. Go to gov dot blah blah.” — “That’s not what I meant. INDEED!”

    Nice work. — Susan

  2. Forty five years ago you had a change in plans and could not go on our planned week long backpacking trip into Desolation Valley. I grumbled about it to a lady I was dating (who had never camped out in her life) and she said she’d like to go. She did, including doing Pyramid Peak and the Crystal Range. I fell in love.

    She is sitting across from me as I write this. This woman’s love has made my life and family!

    Thanks for backing out!


  3. Leave it to Rick to find “the story” (storee?)!
    (I’ve been to the Wilderness area a number of times over the years and didn’t realize that some of the Rangers looked upon it as a “Zen Space”.) But Rick got the storee!

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