Prediction: The End of Donald Trump

       Let ‘er Rip Blog from June 26, 2022:


Prediction: The End of Donald Trump


Boomer readers may remember the sad tale of Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin. From 1950 to 1954 he created havoc in many sectors of the United States, especially the government and Hollywood, by accusing people of being communists. He even said Dwight Eisenhower was a conscious communist. By 1954, the people and his congressional colleagues had had enough. He was censured that year by the senate. His influence dropped like a stone. He died in 1957.

I predict we will see the same thing happen to Donald Trump. The 1/6 Committee is presenting his lies, deceits, and raging paranoia for all the country to see.

I’m confident that in the very near future, enough of his hard-core supporters will abandon him that he will suddenly become a pariah. Quickly his support will evaporate. History will see him as pathetic, just like McCarthy.  There are now reports of some of his staunch supporters having second thoughts based on what they are seeing on the 1/6 live-stream hearings. My guess? He’s toast. 

Fast forward: November 15, 2022

The SS Trump has been hit by three torpedoes. It is taking on water fast:

* Reversal of Roe v. Wade

* January 6th Committee

* The Big Lie: 2020 Election denying

People in his base are not leaving him because of all the outrage for so long and in all directions, but because of something simpler: he is losing elections.

The fact that the democrats did so well last week is testimony that the country has had its fill of Donald J. Trump. The day of this blog, November 15, 2022, he is expected to announce a third run for the presidency. This is very bad news for the republican party. With their pathetic performance in the mid-terms – especially those that had Trump’s support, why would they want more of the same?

I predict that his listing ship will finally go down – fast. Like a similar blowhard, Joe McCarthy, Trump’s loyalists will soon be scattering in all directions like rats off a sinking ship. Soon the nation will look back at the Trump years with distain and regret. McCarthy was censured by the Senate. Trump was censured by the voters.

Burning question to my fellow Americans: “Why did it take so long?”

4 thoughts on “Prediction: The End of Donald Trump

  1. Pam Evans says:

    Hot Air Balloons only fly high for a limited time and then they have to come down. Hope that is the case for Trumpty Dumpty. Good parallel between what happened to Joe McCarthy when enough people saw the light and what we hope will happen to Donald Trump’s career in politics in the end. That comparison should have been made loud and clear to the American people long ago. Perhaps many would have awakened to the reality of Trump’s dangerous and destructive behavior sooner. I hope it is never too late and that the Democratic mid-term results are a bell weather of the direction of the winds as are blowing now.

  2. Susan Page says:

    I hope you are spot on right! I still want to see this criminal in JAIL, and OUT of the news all the time! Thank heavens for these election results!

  3. Michael Joyce says:

    Fear of survival is powerful motivation. I expect that’s his number one concern and running for president. Protecting himself from legal action. But that same fear of survival is in all of his Republican associates who I expect will Tear him to shreds in the primary run. And hopefully that shredding will include the ultra right wing dishonest portion of the republican party.

  4. Ingrid Fermin says:

    I don’t know. How many times have we thought: “This must be the final straw.” He will drag all of his criminal cases on for as long as he can. Clearly, any AG other than Garland would have handed down indictments by now. I understand that his supporters are saying that Garland is just a very careful Prosecutor – but how many i’s can one dot, and t’s to be crossed? Trump, and his pals like Flynn and Meadows, etc all belong in jail.

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