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Take the Notes: Saybrook University

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Last year I had the huge honor of being interviewed for Saybrook University’s 50th Anniversary Celebration by the school’s president, Nathan Long, PhD, and Carmen Bowen, Assistant  VP for Institutional Advancement. After getting my Masters degree from SF State University in 1973, I enrolled in Saybrook, then called The Humanistic Psychology Institute. It was unaccredited. That was a huge deal at first, but of little import in the long run.I graduated in 1977 with a PhD in Humanistic Psychology.

I soon lost interest in psychology, especially therapy, and moved on to industry, joining Hewlett Packard, then Amdahl. In 1985, I started my own company, PowerSpeaking, Inc. I retired in 2015. I have always wanted some way to tell the story of my journey. The Saybrook interview gave me that chance.

I hope you will take the time to listen to my story… often meandering, but actually driving toward an important goal. As Steve Jobs said, “You must connect the dots of your life looking backwards.” These are my dots. This is a bit long (32 minutes) and shamelessly self-centered. But remember, I was an only child. Isn’t it always about ME ?

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3 thoughts on “Take the Notes

  1. Mary says:

    This was a good reminder that the more personal the sharing, the more universal it becomes. My dots were different than yours but I resonated with your feelings as you faced new situations. What I admire most about you is your curiosity that leads you to ask others for their story or perspective. Listening to their answers has opened new worlds (or businesses) to you. You’ve kept a learner’s mind. Remarkable.
    Mary Warren

  2. Larry Bourret says:

    Saybrook University opened some doors for you that were always there, From your complicated relationship with your Father to learning from the CEO that told you “we aren’t interested in stories get to the point” the lesson learned is that whatever path someone seeks doesn’t work, don’t quit, try something different until it works. And it has for you. And I came away with this haunting quote by you Rick: “Making friends with the dark side.”.

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