I’m Not So Unusual After All

Talking About Our Lives on Zoom






Imagine talking to your high school friends about what your life has been like since high school – struggles and successes. Sounds scary? Our 1957 graduating class from Berkeley High School has done just that. Trust came quickly. We were not afraid to be vulnerable. I asked my classmates what they are getting out of these Zoom meetings. What they said will surprise and delight you. 


This is part of my new audiobook, a chapter called, Building Community. Through Zoom and trust, we are sharing our stories, and in the process, building community.Some described it as magic…a spiritual experience…a discovery that “I’m not so unusual after all.” 

Please take a listen.


5 thoughts on “I’m Not So Unusual After All

  1. Ingrid J Fermin says:

    I really enjoyed this. I remember when you mentioned this idea to me, and I did not join because I was not in the class of ’57 – rather 1 and 1/2 years later, A poor decision, on my part. The sharing reminds me of our annual Sunday meetings (over coffee) at the Monterey Jazz Festival. We’ve discussed our “paths” through life and tried to solve the world’s problems.

  2. Bill says:

    Whoa! Amazing, and well told. I’m going to see if I can do the same with my own class.. Which is a bit younger than yours and was in a different place (not just geographically LOL!).

  3. Mary Warren says:

    “We humans have a need for community.” How wonderful to honor that by providing a forum for elders to gather and share and be nourished in the process. Do you have a topic each time or just open- ended?

    • Rick Gilbert says:

      Thanks for the comments, Mary. I am responsible for topic generation, tho it can end up being fee-form if needs be. I think the real challenge is to keep it personal and not let people rave on about political issues – tho I do love that too.

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