Dear Joe Biden



                     Open letter to President Joe Biden

Dear Mr. President,
First of all, please stay away from the grassy knoll in Dallas Texas. Because of your new visionary spending plans to rebuild our country, the same people who killed Kennedy will try to take you out as well. I had hoped that Obama would be a modern-day version of FDR. You can imagine my disappointment. So they left him alone. But you may be closer to the FDR vision of what it takes to rebuild our deteriorating country. That could make you a target.

I am never in danger of being called an optimist. I have to say, though, after seeing your plans, I am becoming slightly more positive about the future of our country. Let’s remember that FDR was able to get Congress to pass a 90% tax on the top money people. At that time the unemployment rate was 34% and he controlled both houses of Congress. FDR proudly said, “I am a traitor to my class.” Things are very different today. The Democrats are leading by the slimmest of margins: several thousand voters in Georgia. All it takes is Joe Manchin to change his mind and everything goes away – poof.

Today we hear that the big corporations and the wealthiest people in our country should pay “their fair share.” I think if FDR were alive today, he would say “to hell with ‘their fair share’. Tax them to the max.” It is about time that we claw back from these robber barons  the money they have stolen from the middle class ever since Ronald Reagan persuaded us that “Government is not the solution, government is the problem.” By the way, that phrase is dog whistle to the wealthy saying, “Don’t worry folks, you can keep your money. I’m not going to take it from you and give it to lazy welfare cheats. They are not your problem. They can all go to hell.” If he were alive today, I am sure Ronald Reagan would be very happy to see so many Americans living in tents under the freeways. See what happens when government does nothing?

Maybe, just maybe, there is hope for our country. Maybe, just maybe, we do not have to become a failed state. Wonder if this is happened to you: You’ve been traveling in Europe, and you land in any of our East Coast airports. Graffiti everywhere.  Things are falling apart. This is a country that seems to have no pride.  Taking a taxi from the airport into the city center, you are stunned by the deterioration all around. Empty buildings; graffiti; abandon automobiles, and overcrowded terrible looking apartment buildings. The contrast between what we have become and what some of our European neighbors are doing  today is very depressing. Of course, they pay more taxes and are not afraid of the word: SOCIALISM. 

Mr. President, I am so hopeful that you can begin to change all of this. Funding from taxing high wealth individuals and high wealth corporations who keep all the money overseas and don’t bother to pay taxes is a great way to make this happen. Leona Helmsley once said, “Taxes are for the little people.” I asked God what happened to her. He said she is burning in hell for eternity. He also said Donald Trump will soon be joining her, because he thought not paying taxes made him smart. Then God said, “I think not paying taxes made him an asshole.”

So Mr. President, wishing you all the best in your project to Build Back Better. Let’s be proud of our country once again. And oh, by the way, stay the hell away from Dallas.

With great affection,



9 thoughts on “Dear Joe Biden

  1. Susan Page says:

    Fabulous letter Rick. I sooo agree. Biden is giving us great reasons for hope. He has a genuinely progressive agenda, something we have not had since FDR, with the exception of LBJ who actually did amazingly good things for this country, all horribly overshadowed by his stupidity about the war. We’ve had so many disappointing Democrats in office.

    Now, they MUST get rid of the filibuster (what are they waiting for?) and we will have a whole avenue of green lights as Biden forges ahead to return this government to one that functions for the common good. What a concept! I love your letter. I hope Biden reads it. And YES I too fear that the GOP’s politics of assassination could rear its horrid head again. I still have not recovered from my devastation and heartbreak at the death of Robert Kennedy, to say nothing of John too.
    Every time I read of a new major proposal Biden is presenting, my heart sings. How we have been aching for this kind of vision and commitment. And I believe Harris shares his vision. I see green lights for a long way into the future. The era of government by Mitch McConnell MAY BE OVER. May it be so!!!!

    Keep up the good work, dear Rick. You speak for many of us!!!

    • Pat Titus says:

      I too am with you. I don’t know why we always tiptoe around at this point. The GOP
      are already selling the usual fare about our spending, no matter what we do. Their
      lies have all been exposed re gov’t spending vs tax cuts which never work for the
      country. Joe should go for it as if we actually had a sane opposing party.

  2. Melinda says:

    I love that you have a direct line to God, and that God does not mince words. (But remember, God is a woman.)

  3. Clairdee says:

    Well stated, Rick. Thank you for this open letter to President Biden. Here’s to getting our country on track for the GOOD of the American people… EVERY American.

  4. Fritz Brauner says:

    Hey Rick –

    Not sure which robber baron companies we should tax to the max:

    The ones that discovered and manufacture the COVID vaccine?
    The ones that manufacture hybrid and electric cars?
    The ones that make our smart phones?
    The ones, like Zoom, that enable world wide virtual communication?
    The ones that manufacture MRI machines?
    The ones that make wind energy equipment?
    The ones that make the tires for our cars?
    The ones that make our home appliances?

    Just asking.

  5. Mark Shaw says:

    Who would have thought that uncle Joe would be so bold. Maybe this is another Nixon in China moment. That it takes someone with the working class credentials of JB to move us to a $2T down payment on a prosperous future. Fun read Rick

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