2 thoughts on “Chapter 9: Sex

  1. John Warren says:

    Hi Rick!
    This is a great episode – with a mix of humor and serious messages, and adding the sections with Katie speaking is such a bonus.

    The last 3 minutes seem to be cut off??

  2. Bill says:

    I share John Warren’s views, including the mystery of the last 3 minutes.

    Also somewhat astonishing to me is that at least 182 people have watched the video. While I’m surprised that more than that haven’t watched this or others of the videos, 182 watches is at least about four times more than have watched any other video for your audio book. I understand that a video entitled “Sex” is likely to have a somewhat elevated draw, but by a factor of four or more over the other videos which are also good?

    I suppose there are a number of possible explanations. But might lots of people who follow the progress of your audio feel desperate because of the minute-by-minute horror show of psycopathic Trump stoked by steroids and his fellow vile criminal GOP enablers and toadies sucking in his COVID-19-saturated exhales? And in their desperation those who follow you thinking “Well, the assholes are about to kill us so we might as well enjoy anything about sex while we still can?”

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