All Fetuses Are Sacred (Seriously?)

  The Secret Behind the Abortion Brouhaha

Trump nominates Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the highest court in the land. She is a hard-core Catholic. The Senate confirmation hearings will hammer on her position on abortion. This issue drives conservatives bonkers. Why? Protect the unborn? Punish young girls for having sex (“You should have thought about that before you let him into your pants!”)? Life is sacred? Don’t believe a word of that religious bullshit.

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Abortion Pop quiz. 

Why all the ruckus about whether or not a woman or a young teenager has the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy? 

1) Only God can create or take a life.

2) Every life is sacred particularly the unborn innocents. 

3) We must protect the flow of slave labor for the elites.

If you chose number three, congratulations you are paying attention.

Our world is run by wealthy elites at the top (think Koch Brothers) who control everything, most especially Congress. So the question becomes what possible benefit is it to them to have young girls, mostly lower middle and lower class, be forced to have babies they don’t want, have not planned for, and cannot afford?

Answer: Slave Labor

Like most other things in life, behind the facade is pure greed. Just like the Civil War – the real issue for the south was loss of their free labor. And, btw, it is those same people who are outraged about losing their labor force today. 

About 18 years after our 13 or 14-year-old girls are forced to have children, the elites get a supply of young men and women (who have no other choices) to run  their $12 an hour McDonald’s food factories. Or, to populate their for-profit prison system where they work in the corporate labor pool. Or, as “volunteers” to serve in the military to fight and die in the elites’ wars around the world.  

(These wars are to keep oil prices high and to keep money flowing to the elites who run the defense industries.)

The elites do not benefit if some 14-year-old pregnant girl has an abortion and then finishes high school, and maybe even goes to college, remaining childless all the while.

If the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, what difference does it make to an upper-middle- class family? Very little. After Roe is gone, the issue of abortion will be determined at the state level. If I live in a state where my daughter cannot legally get an abortion, we hop on a plane and go to California. End of discussion. If that is not possible, then we go to Holland where she gets a legal abortion. End of discussion. 

The people who get screwed by all this are the people at the bottom, as usual. A $12 an hour father who works for McDonald’s simply can’t afford to take  his daughter to California for an abortion. So the family, often just scraping by, is forced to take care of this baby. There goes any hope of getting an education and having choices in life… oh, except when the son becomes old enough to join the military. Then he has a choice. 

Doesn’t he look handsome in that uniform? Now the family is so proud of their teenage son. He then goes off to fight our wars to “defend our freedom,” and protect “American interests” (elites’ investments) around the world. What a great arrangement. Hopefully, he comes back alive.

Of course, the way you sell all this to those at the bottom, is to cloak it in religious nonsense, i.e., our country and our Constitution are divinely inspired, so we are doing God’s will. (None of that is true.) 

Does anybody really think that these elites at the top who determine our policies, actually give a damn about human life, or God’s will? Oh, you’ll hear them say in Congress “Every life is sacred”. Ha, ha, ha. Yes,  until it is out of the womb and then – to hell with it. Just keep him alive until he’s old enough to serve in the military. 

“Thank you for your service.” Can any phrase be more insincere and patronizing?

How would lives change for the poor and lower class if we had policies making sure they got good sex education and access to free birth control? If by chance a girl got pregnant, she could get an abortion. How about on top of that, we make college free. Thus a poor girl would have other options besides just being a mother. Oh, what a dream.

Oh, oh…isn’t that what those dreaded socialist countries do? You know, the ones that have the highest citizen happiness in the world. 


“I pay very little, or no taxes. That makes me smart.” Candidate Trump, 2016.

People who serve in the military pay taxes are losers and suckers.

Show of hands, How many of us paid more than $750 in taxes over the past ten years? Wow. Everyone. Great, how generous of us.  That means we take up the slack so our president doesn’t have to pay taxes.

“Taxes are for the little people,” real estate developer and close friend of President Trump, Leona Helmsley.

I went to church on Sunday and asked God what happened to Helmsley. He said: “She is burning in hell for eternity…and Donald J. Trump will be joining her shortly.”


Audio Book

Chapter 7: Fear

Chapter 8: Humor

4 thoughts on “All Fetuses Are Sacred (Seriously?)

  1. Ken French says:

    Don’t hold back, Rick!! Reading your “social commentary” is like conversing with you in person — shoot from the hip, no excuses, cut the B.S. Your succinct thoughts are akin to catching S. Colbert, T. Noah, or J. Oliver at the end of a convoluted, bewildering news day, and realizing that you are not going insane. Thank you!

  2. Mark Schaller says:

    Hi Rick, I’m not really sure how I came to see this post. I’m not and educated man by any means and your words sound so authoritative and passionate, so it’s really is with trepidation I question some of your assertions and ask for some explanation. Plus, since you were one of my dad’s closest friends, it kind of gives me some insight into some of the ideas he presented me with as a young man. Would you clarify some confusion in my mind, please?
    Are you are saying that 13 and 14 yr. old girls are the source of 60 millions abortions?
    Are you attributing the “highest citizen happiness” in socialist countries to conducting free abortions and college?
    Would you share with me the Socialist countries are you counting with “highest citizen happiness?
    Have you been a partner to an abortion?
    Any clarification would be very helpful.

  3. Rebecca Woodland says:

    Rick, your commentaries are spot-on! The “All fetuses are sacred?” article hit the nail on the head. You articulate what I have thought from the beginning of the RvW issue. Is this article shareable?

  4. John Warren says:

    Hi Rick!
    Regarding the Chapter on FEAR: Mary had never told me the story about the knife. Although she handled it perfectly, she probably didn’t want me to freak out! I don’t think I ever told you the story about having a 45 stuck in my face when I was an exchange student in Augusta. Fortunately, humor saved the day, and my life! I like the mix of short stories! Also, the line about how some people choose lives of risk and fear, and others have it thrust upon them!

    Regarding HUMOR: I’m glad you debunked the myth about starting a talk with humor, especially if that doesn’t fit a speaker’s personality. Ralf suggests that if you have to ask yourself, “Am I funny?” the answer is NO!

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