Chapter Five: Major Fuckups

This is the fifth chapter in my audio book tentatively titled: Cradle to Grave: Thriving From One to One Hundred. People tell about how they dealt with life’s serious screwups.

Suckers and Losers

Donald Trump said, according to an article in The Atlantic, that people who serve in the military are either “suckers” or “losers.”

First of all, how could a presidential candidate who, in theory, wants to be re-elected, say such a thing? Whether he believes it or not, isn’t that guaranteed to lose him a lot of votes, especially with his conservative, pro-military base? Why not just say, “Everyone who votes for me is either a sucker or a loser, maybe both? I didn’t want this fucking job anyway.” 

Some people have suggested that Trump is mentally off in some way. Seems to me, this proves it. Why not just tell everyone in your base to just go to hell? How is that a re-election strategy?

Second, In response Howard Dean, former Gov of Vermont and presidential candidate said,

“My brother was captured in Laos in September of 1974 and executed by the North Vietnamese on December 14, 1974. Fuck you, Donald Trump.”

What really bothers me about this whole story and the Howard Dean response is how fractured our country is. Imagine a former governor and former presidential candidate saying “Fuck you!” to the president. The fact that Dean and most on the left feel that way, makes me worried that we are one bounce away from tanks in the streets and the fascist militia wing nuts shooting into protestors with their treasured AK 47s. 

I don’t see how this ends well. 

2 thoughts on “Chapter Five: Major Fuckups

  1. Wendy Kohler Reid says:

    I agree with you. I don’t see how this will end peacefully. I want to hold my breath and/or put my head in the sand until he is gone but that’s not a wise strategy!

  2. bill spaulding says:


    It doesn’t bother you that this story is 2 years old? Why now?

    John Bolton. no friend of DJT, and several staffers who were in the meeting where the trip was cancelled, recently said it didn’t happen.

    The trip was cancelled because the helio couldn’t fly because of weather.

    A dying magazine (as many are) is making a last gasp and what better way than to than demonize DJT just before the election?


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