Audio Book: Permanent Record: Chapter 2

This audio book covers the arc of our lives from childhood to elderhood. Through the insights of famous and not-so-famous people (in their own words), you will explore the highs and lows of our life journeys. Humor. Pathos. Mentors. Music. Parenthood. Sex. Religion. Politics. Community.

Chapter 2, “Family of Origin,” explores how our families create who we become, “Am I a wonderful person, or a total loser?” Robert Fish describes growing up in an emotionally closed off family. Iron worker Larry Lippert talks with pride how he and his two children went into the trade because that is what his father did. Mary McGlynn remembers getting imprinted by her father, “You are going to go to college.”

Chris Brubeck became a jazz player after “bashing my head in” playing rock at the suggestion of his father, Dave Brubeck. CEO Dan Warmenhoven knew in high school that he wanted to work in a corporation and be at the top, “You might as well be CEO. Everything else is just miserable.” Brooklyn Benally, a native American artist, recalled how important it was to get her grandfather’s approval to marry outside her tribe, “He brought a lot of peace to my heat.”

I have recorded about 15% of the book. Please take a listen to this sample. I would LOVE to get your feedback – what works, what doesn’t work.

Imagine my delight when I saw this clip on Parks and Recreation,

2 thoughts on “Audio Book: Permanent Record: Chapter 2

  1. John Warren says:

    Rick, these stories from Family of Origin are profound!
    I was looking at the photo of Robert, you, and me while listening to him describe our visit. I was crying again at the loss, and grateful that we made the trip when we did.

    I loved the way you added the drums to his story about Catholic/Irish funerals – great touch.

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