A Free Country!

Representative Clay Higgins (R), Louisiana, said, “Wearing a mask is part of the dehumanization of the children of God.” (NYT, 8/3/20)

Wow. Talk about nailing it. Last time I checked this is “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” They are slowly eating away at our freedoms and sacred rights. Pretty soon that “deep state cabal of unelected bureaucrats” in Washington or Sacramento will be stomping on all our freedoms with their jackboots. Before you know it, they’ll be requiring us to have a driver’s license to drive our own cars! Soon after that they’ll force us to have insurance on those cars. Next they’ll make us wear helmets driving our motorcycles.  Then it’ll be home insurance before we can get a mortgage. 

If we don’t fight back with all our resources to bring down these Nazis, soon they’ll demand that our doctors, dentists, therapists, barbers and hairdressers have state licenses. Those people will have to have grueling supervised hours and horrible licensing exams. What ever happened to TRUST?

It gets worse. There are rumors that they plan to set up something called the Food and Drug Administration (FDA, for short) to oversee and spy on our beloved drug companies. Then, God help us, each city and county across the land will have huge, complex, tax-supported health departments who will muscle their way into our restaurants and hospitals to check on sanitation. WTF? Talk about draining the entrepreneurial spirit!

I’m warning you, my fellow citizens, it starts with something seemingly inconsequential like wearing a face mask. Sounds simple, huh? NO WAY. It is the first step toward authoritarian, fascist domination of our country. Our beloved Fox News reported last week that FEMA is building concentration camps for people who refuse to wear masks. 

Rise up, brothers and sisters. Tear off your masks. We have nothing to lose but the chains with which they are enslaving us!

5 thoughts on “A Free Country!

  1. Susan Page says:

    Your satire gene is really getting warmed up. This is brilliant!! and great fun. Mayer and I laughed out loud.

    (Oops. I hope you are not serious and that I am offending you . . . After all, it IS pretty outrageous to require a driver’s license to drive your own car!! You are right about that one!)

  2. Bill says:

    And they want to keep me from having a loaded revolver in my desk drawer where my 1 year old granddaughter can get it if she needs it. Jezus H. Christ! MAGA.

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